DISCOGRAPHY (click on highlighted songs to listen)

Stephanie Lee

Bass & Violin  

Pink Grenade: "3 Days in LA" (acoustic bass and violin), "Nobody Knows,""Lights Out," "5th Ave NWA" (violin)

My Glorious: "Flower" and "Chorale" on "Inside My Head is a Scary Place" (violin)

Relevant Discord: "Days of Deferment," "The Refrain" (violin)

Sarah Greene: "Season of the Demon" and "Come Monday" (violin)

Castles in Spain: "Reminiscing Chapter 5" and "Numero Tres" (violin and occasional bass)

Kitty Rose: "Live From The Ryman" and "Greatest Hits," (bass) 

Deborah Pardes"Blessing or a Curse," (bass and violin); 

Artists for Literacy"Songs Inspired by Literature," volumes 1 and 2, (bass and violin)

Dylan Champagne: "Love Songs of the Apocalypse, Volume 1" (violin)

Lowell James Hicks"Dark Ride," (two songs on acoustic bass)

Terese Taylor: two albums (violin)

Anafaith: "Anatomy of a Relationship," (bass)

Jenifer McKitrick: "Glow," (bass)

Swingin' Doors: "Unhinged," (bass and violin)

Jacky Paper: eponymous album (violin)

Arden Jazz: "Live at Montreux" (bass)